Smart software that allows you to write expert inspection reports, quickly and easily. Built by a team of veteran home inspectors to take your business to the next level.


Grow your inspection business by exceeding client expectations.

ScribeWare was developed by a team of professional home inspectors to provide the reports they wanted to use themselves. Easy and intuitive to use, ScribeWare is designed to support the way inspectors actually work and the way clients actually process information.

Our mission is to make us all better, one expert report at a time.

Your first 3 reports are FREE. No credit card and no contract required.


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Extremely user-friendly with a great and easy to read layout. The quality of the reports is truly second to none Jed Ballou

Jed Ballou

I have been using ScribeWare for 5 years and is fantastic. The library is excellent. It is intuitive and easy to use. It really helps put your findings in perspective for your clients.

Randy Near

I have been a home inspector for over 19 yrs and have tried just about every program on the market. To my surprise, I just happened to come across ScribeWare and now I can say I have found the answer! The guys at ScribeWare are simply amazing with tech support and they actually do updates by listening to their inspectors!

Thanks, Dylan and Steve for doing such a great job and I am happy to say I am NOW a ScribeWare user.

Mike Paris

As a new inspector who is not very computer savvy, ScribeWare has greatly simplified my reporting process. I spend far less time sitting, staring at the screen than with other software I have tried. ScribeWare is intuitive, time efficient and practical. The tech support is especially quick and responsive. I love how easy it is to customize the library and navigate my reports at breakneck speed. Clients love the easy to read layout, especially the summary section that allows for a concise report view. Keep up the great work, ScribeWare!

Greg Curran

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes!  It’s currently in beta, but will be in the app stores soon.  If you’d like to help us get it ready, let us know at

Do I need to take a class to learn how to use ScribeWare?
Absolutely not! We designed ScribeWare to be intuitive and easy to use. Most users create excellent reports right away, with no instruction. And we are always here to help. If you have questions, just email We’ll get back to you right away.

What are the software/hardware requirements?
ScribeWare runs on both Windows and Mac!

What if something goes wrong?
We are here to help. We know that technology can be frustrating, and we want to make your experience as easy as possible.

Have a question that’s not here?
We’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line!

What happens if my hard drive dies or my computer is stolen?

We continually back up your reports, templates and libraries to the cloud.  Loose your computer? Log back onto to your account and get your software, templates, libraries and past inspections, all right where you left them.

Does ScribeWare sell or share my data with third parties?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!  We have been approached many different companies who want to use your home inspection data to re-sell in some way or another.  However, at ScribeWare, we believe the information gathered during a home inspection belongs to our clients, and is not ours to use and re-sell. We are serious about maintaining this privacy of your and your client’s data.

How will I be billed for ScribeWare?

After your free period, your credit card will be charged approximately once per month or so based on the number of reports you’ve published or for the busy plan if that is what you are subscribed to. Please note that you can create as many reports as you want; we only charge for those that have gone through the publishing process. This allows newer inspectors to practice and only pay for the ones you are getting paid for.

How are my reports saved?

Reports are saved to your hard drive under Documents\ScribeWare\Inspections, and to the cloud.  You can preview a report by clicking the “Preview” button, or see the one that’s posted online once it has been published by clicking the “Report URL” on the Client and Property Information section. This video will show you how this works.

Does ScribeWare offer a mobile app?

Yes!  It’s a fully functional app designed to assist with data collection in the field.  You can’t publish reports (yet) without using the desktop.  Nonetheless, it’s perfect for use on-site during an inspection. Visit your device’s app store to download!

Does ScribeWare have a flexible template?

Yes, ScribeWare has a flexible template that allows you to add as many sections or chapters as you like. 10 bathrooms? No problem. 5 water heaters? No problem. 18 Sub-panels? You have a rough day of inspecting in front of you, but we’ve got the report writing covered. See this video for more information about adding chapters and sections to the report and re-naming chapters and sections. You can also save custom templates so if you have a lot of one type of building, save the template and use it repeatedly.

How is the ScribeWare library different?

With the ScribeWare system, your observations library is divided into two sections: the main library and the photo captions library. This speeds up all types of report writing, but especially when reporting on complex systems such as decks, electrical or siding, where you have lots of individual observations about a single system. This video will show you how to use the photo captions as the granular detail in your more general observation to easily create an accurate observation with loads of detail.

How does the Scribeware Autotext library work?

At ScribeWare, we employ a unique algorithm to help you sift through your library and select the observation you want quickly and easily. Report writing is as simple as a google-like keyword search. On most inspections, 90% of a report can be written by just typing a few words.

Why is ScribeWare more expensive than other software systems?

ScribeWare is a boutique high-end software solution for home inspectors who want to communicate clearly and effectively with their clients. We believe that report writing is the essence of what we do as home inspectors and when done well, it is the foundation of a successful business. Our founder is a home inspector who woke up one day and realized he would rather write great reports and use them as his marketing than pander to real estate agents and spend money on expensive adds. To this end, ScribeWare offers a business model that can reduce your liability and grow your 5 star business without marketing. Our goal is to provide you a platform that can help you save time, make more money and raise the home inspection bar in your community.