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Photo of a gas line running through a sewer pipe!

Sewer inspections with a sewer scope?

It was not long ago that home buyers bought houses without hiring a company to run a camera down their sewer line to inspect the condition of the underground sewer pipes; buyers simply had to take the risk that the sewer line would not require repair. I can still remember the first sewer scope companies would give their clients a VHS video tape of the sewer inspection as their report. Does anyone even have a VHS player anymore?

The state of the art

At ScribeWare, we feature a state of the art reporting system for sewer scope inspectors. Whether you are a stand-alone sewer scope business, a plumber who adds sewer scopes to your other services, or a home inspector adding sewer scopes to your repertoire, ScribeWare can make delivery of a professional report fast and easy.

Times have changed and so has the business of inspecting sewer lines. In the Northwest, nearly every home buyer of an older property now does a sewer scope as part of their due diligence and sewer scopes are even being done on new construction!   With aging sewer infrastructure all over the country, scoping sewers is likely to be a thriving business for years to come.

Photo from a sewer scope of a gas line running through a sewer pipe!
Sewer scope image of a gas line running through a sewer pipe!

There are now a variety of scoping camera systems available for purchase, and video reports are being delivered on CD ROMs, thumb drives, or uploaded to servers.

Videos on your own server

Many sewer line inspectors are now using the ScribeWare reporting system to quickly deliver a professional computer-generated report which includes a link to your client’s video on the internet. This allows clients to easily share their report and video with their realtor, a sewer repair company or the sellers.  Videos are stored on secure cloud based services, with archiving and backups handled for you.

Get ScribeWare

Just as your VHS is now in the scrap heap of technology, so your report writing software system can fall out of date. That is why at ScribeWare, we strive to be your report writing and information delivery solution for years to come. Our software is provided as a pay per report or subscription model, and includes free support and updates so you will always be using state of the art report writing and video delivery technology.

If you are looking to upgrade your report delivery system for sewer scopes, contact us @, and a real human will get back to you quickly.


Dylan Chalk is the owner of Seattle-based Orca Inspection Services LLC – He is the founder of ScribeWare inspection report software offering innovative and simple report-writing solutions – He is also the author of The Confident House Hunter – a book to teach home buyers how to look at and understand houses: Cedar Fort Press Due out August 2016 –

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