Electrical Reset and Refresh for Home Inspection

Presents: Electrical Reset and Refresh for Home Inspection

With Charles Buell

May 18th

at the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association




This class is an excellent opportunity to refresh your electrical knowledge and learn new techniques for performing electrical inspections on residential construction from a true expert. Charles Buell has been in some form of residential construction for his entire adult life. He was a custom home builder for over 35 years and he has been a home inspector for over 16 years. He serves on the ASHI national technical committee and is an adjunct professor of home inspection at the Bellingham Technical College. He is also on the Washington State Home Inspector Licensing Board.

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The class will feature fun demonstrations Charlie has created to show basic electrical concepts as well as a detailed Powerpoint presentation loaded with field slides and examples of real-world home inspection findings, dilemmas and defects. Dylan Chalk will help extract from Charlie all we want to know to perform thorough electrical inspections and report on our findings.

We will be raffling off and giving away some great useful stuff, like a copy of Douglass Hansen’s Electrical Inspection of Existing Dwellings, a mini-amp meter and a copy of The Confident House Hunter. 

We will discuss: Grounding & bonding, electrical myths, induced voltage, stray voltage, CSST bonding, sub-panels, sorting out service wire sizes, 208 volt systems—you have likely inspected them, split-bus panels, multi-wire circuits, tandem breakers, HVAC wiring rules, generators, aluminum wiring, tamper-resistant receptacles, GFCI’s and AFCI’s, and WA State specific rules. We will also discuss how and why we should exceed the minimum SOP’s.

Continuing education is the single best way to grow your inspection business and reduce your liability. Why not learn from a seasoned home inspector tips and tricks for residential electrical inspections?

Come join us on May 18th at the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association.

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