What’s New in ScribeWare… Version 5!

The big news at ScribeWare is we are officially launching our new version 5 

Version 5 brings a host of new features and improves your ability to

  • Customize your template
  • Manage your library of narratives
  • Edit your photos
  • Integrate with the ISN and other scheduling systems
  • Customize your summary page and
  • Organize and access your library of illustrations
  • Import narrative libraries from other systems

Specific features that have been added include

  • Granular, automatic syncing – multiple inspectors can work on the same report, even the same sections, without overwriting each other’s work.
  • Advanced library management – separate your library into logical categories or narratives and then associate multiple categories per section as needed
  • New image editor – add shapes, text-on-photo, annotations, colors, cropping, and freeform drawings
  • Text formatting options, including font sizes, colors, bullets, and links
  • Customize and add new observation modifiers – choose YOUR modifiers: Major Concern, Safety, Repair…
  • Control which observations and images appear in the summary and in the report body
  • Customize Scope and Purpose, How to Read This Report pages to reflect your voice, your state, and your SOP
  • Automatically import inspections from ISN
  • Much faster publishing 
  • Publish full-sized images in your report
  • Search for past reports on the home screen search
  • Reorder narrative observations within a section
  • Permanently attach illustrations to pre-made narratives
  • New diagram library to sort through and access your illustrations
  • Sort and edit your own diagrams, or use our extensive collection – ScribeWare 5 includes complimentary illustrations from Charles Buell
  • Specify separate logos for white and dark backgrounds
  • Add blank chapters and sections for virtually unlimited template construction and customization. 

And… ScribeWare 5 works with iOS and Android mobile devices! 

Our app is not yet in the stores. The app is in open beta, so more and more inspectors are using it daily. We are about to start polishing and improving the mobile version and we expect to have it in the Apple and Play stores in the next few months. I know this has been a long wait. Certainly longer than we anticipated or wanted. However, the complexity of modern software should not be underestimated. The new system is state of the art and amazing and allows new levels of access to information and collaboration on inspections. Our motto is make it right. We are built for the best reports in the industry.

Click here to learn more about our app.