We’re constantly making updates and improvements to ScribeWare, and providing those upgrades free of charge to you.    And, while we generally recommend upgrading, it’s never required.

Any questions?  Contact us at support@getscribeware.com!


  • Fixed issue with multiple users syncing images on the same report.
  • Increased image size on report builder
  • New!  “Maintenance Required” modifier
  • Fixed issue with using scroll wheel on dropdowns


  • New!  You can now edit the default modifier that appears in each section!   Simply click on the edit icon at the top right corner of each section to change.
  • New!  Right click on a report in the home page to delete it.
  • Lots of bug fixes and small improvements.


  • New!  Our Residential template has undergone some significant updates to take advantage of some of our recent time-saving features.  Existing users can still access the old template by selecting “Legacy Residential” from the Inspection Type drop down list.


  • New!  You can now send contracts to be signed by your clients directly from your reports!
  • New!  You can now save images and diagrams as a part of your library entries!
  • New!  There’s a new button on the toolbar for observations, that allows you to specify a recommendation for additional inspections.  Agents can then generate a separate summary document containing only those observations, for inclusion in their inspection responses.  We have richer functionality in the works around this, however it’s such an often requested feature (and now a requirement in WA!) we wanted to get this feature out ASAP.
  • Chapters are now shown on separate screens, instead of showing the entire report as one long screen.   This has resulted in some tremendous performance gains, however we also realize some users may miss this feature.  Please feel free to send us your feedback!
  • New! You can now copy images from other applications (Photoshop, powerpoint, etc) and paste them directly into an observation!
  • New! Have you ever accidentally deleted a chapter or section?  You can now recover those by clicking the “edit” button above the chapter navigation!

There’s a lot more information and videos coming soon on these features and updates; stay tuned!


  • Fix: Some users have started to see spellcheck no longer working.  This appears to be due to an incompatibility with a recent Windows update and a 3rd party component we’ve been using.    This update replaces that component; unfortunately, however, any custom words added to your dictionary will need to be re-added.   Apologies for the inconvenience!


  • New!  Sections now contain a “View Common” button, which will give you quick access to the observations used most frequently!
  • New!  Fields can now contain “tired” entries, allowing you to group similar items together in the drop down lists.
  • New! Selecting field values can be configured to automatically add corresponding observations.
  • Selected field values are shown in the list, and can be removed directly from the dropdowns
  • Lots of fixes to the layout and performance of the drop downs!

We’ll have more documentation and deep dive videos on these updates coming soon!


  • New!  You can now “hide” media from the media bar, to remove those images you decide not to use in a report!
  • New!  You can associate library entries with field values as “Suggested Observations”, giving you quick access to commonly occurring situations!
  • New!  Fields values can be arranged in “tiers” by indenting the options with one or more spaces.  This will help you sort and organize those long drop down lists!
  • New! Diagrams now sync between all of your devices.  You can save comments with diagrams by double-clicking in the media bar.

We’ll have a few new blog posts and videos coming up demonstrating these features in the near future.  In the meantime, if you have any questions feel free to drop us a line.



  • Updated home screen shows off your beautiful cover photos and makes past inspections easier to locate!


  • New!  Fields can be shown as Checkboxes instead of drop downs!  Open up the field editor to view your options.


  • New!  You can now change the order of chapters and sections!
  • New!  Chapters and sections now show indicators for “partially completed” and an option to check them off as “fully completed”.


  • New!  Toggle switch to hide media already used in reports!


  • Fixed issue with agent search not always working correctly.
  • Other various minor bug fixes and improvements.


  • There’s a new modifier type, ‘(no modifier)’, which can be used for observations that should not appear in the summary or have a modifier.  Perfect for disclaimers, photos, etc.   Thanks for the suggestion, Mike Paris!
  • WDO markers are now saved with library entries!


  • We now default the new report template type to the last selected type, instead of the first on in your list!


  • New!  “Residential” template type.  This is a refined version of the Single Family template, with the order of chapters set to more closely match how a typical inspector would walk through a property.  This is set to be the default template type for all new users.   If you’re an existing user, you’ll need to switch to this template type using the template type dropdown.   If you’d like to make this your default template type, let us know and we can make that change for you on the backend.


  • Photos in the media bar are now sorted by filename.   In most cases, they should appear in the same order they’re taken, however if the order is confusing due to this change, please email us at support@getscribeware.com.   We would love your feedback!


  • We’ve done a number of performance improvements on the typing speed within observations, as well as the amount of time it takes to add images to a report.


  • New! The default templates now include a “General Information” chapter, designed by Mike Paris!  This is a perfect place to report on various aspects of the home not included in the cover page, such as weather conditions, square footage, elevation photos etc.   It’s a standard chapter and as such is completely customizable.    Note this will not show up if you’ve already customized your template; if you would like it added, contact us at support@getscribeware.com.


  • Important: we found a major bug introduced in 4.24.1.  If you’re running that version, upgrade immediately to avoid potential data loss.
  • Significant improvements to the syncing and publishing process.   Publishing reports should run consistently fast now, depending on your internet connection of course.
  • New!  The pen color for drawings defaults to the color last chosen.   Thanks for the feature suggestion!
  • Fixed issue with reports appearing changed after publishing completes.  Thanks @Mike Paris for the feedback!


  • Fixed issue with images not showing correct rotation
  • Fixed issue with imported images showing file codes in observations


  • New!  Reports are now synchronized between all of your computers!   You can start a report on one computer and finish it on another, and your changes will show up automatically.   This is an experimental feature, so if you see any issues please let us know.
  • New!   You can now download a “Summary PDF”, which provides a shortened report containing only the cover page and sorted list of issues.
  • New!  Use ctrl+n (or cmd+n on mac) to create new reports, and ctrl+s (or cmd+s) to save your changes to an image.   More keyboard navigation coming soon!
  • Observations that only contain photos are no longer numbered
  • Reinspect templates no longer contain field defaults
  • New infared templates provided


  • Email fields can now contain multiple emails, separated by a comma, semicolon or space!
  • Added support for coupon codes.


  • Updating fields no longer automatically updates the template; if you wish to keep your changes for future reports, use the save icon next to the template selector!


  • Added support for customized report templates.  Contact us for more information!
  • Fixed several issues with synchronization of report files.
  • Fixed issues with OneDrive running on multiple computers.


  • New!   You can now toggle the “Quick Look” summary of the report.   This is configured via the report options, accessible via in the top right corner of the report.
  • We added an optional field for tracking the client’s phone number.


  • New!  There’s now a checkbox on the publishing dialog to bcc yourself on the email sent the client, so you can verify when and what was sent.
  • New! There’s a button in each section: “View Library”.  Click this and it’ll take you directly to the library tab for that section.  Should make browsing and discovering library entries easier.
  • Changes to the field templates now saves automatically when you uncheck the field edit button


  • Even faster searches.   We’ve updated the library handling to make it even more responsive to your keywords!
  • Added “Add to library” and “Update in library” menu items to each observation, allowing you to edit your library from within the observation.


  • New! Field Editor!  You can now customize the various drop downs throughout your report templates.  Simply click on the arrow in the top right corner of each section, and then rename, reorder, add and delete fields and the available options.    You can make changes that are local to that report, or save your template for future reports.
  • New! Edit your images in your favorite desktop editor!  When you open an image for editing within ScribeWare, there’s a new “open in external application” button.  Click this, and the image will be opened in your default desktop image editor.   Any changes you make will automatically show up in your report!
  • All that, and a big price drop!!    This week, we’ve dropped our prices for unlimited subscriptions by more than 20%!   If you’re thinking about subscribing now is the time!


  • New! “Frequently Used Observations”.  Specify which observations are often used in reports, and they’re made available to you to quickly add at the start of a report.
  • New!  Library entires in search results are now sorted by how frequently they’re used
  • New!  Autocomplete for agent names and emails, for even quicker data entry.
  • Many other bug fixes and performance improvements, with a particular focus around the library features.



  • New! (experimental) You can now “title” an observation, to make it easier to search for!
  • New! The PDF version of reports now contains a new layout designed to emphasize your name and branding.
  • Summary observations now link to the corresponding observation in the report.
  • Observation search results expand to fill available space, for easier reading and searching.


  • New!  Submit feedback button.   Use this freely, we love your feedback!   It will contain debugging information relevant to the current state of the application, so if you’re running into problems, this is particularly useful to us!
  • New!  We’re now showing a much more detailed status of report publishing, so you can know exactly when that report will be sent.   We also prioritize the report you have open, so if you want it to go out ASAP, keep it open!
  • Observations can now be searched with any word order; it doesn’t matter the sequence they’re typed in.
  • Photo captions now show up in the main report


  • You can now add multiple images at once!   Simply click on each image you wish to add, and drag them as a group to the report.
  • Image copying speed has improved dramatically.


  • Your library will now synchronize between multiple computers!


  • Improved drag and drop performance.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.


  • We now support .mov and .avi files!   If there’s a type of video that you’ve had trouble importing into ScribeWare, please let us know!


  • You can now selectively switch on and off the “How to Read this Report” and “Scope and Purpose of this Report” sections of the report template. We have more advanced customizations in the works, so this can be considered a stop-gap measure for those of you who need it.
  • Settings such as “Invoice Items” are saved per report template, instead of per-user.


  • Images and videos can now be dragged into a report from outside of ScribeWare!


  • Fixed issue with changing media folders clearing the used media markers.


  • Added support for ASF videos!



  • We now support videos!   Any .MP4 and .AVI videos included in your media folder can be dragged to your report.   These will only show up online, due to the inherent nature of videos.  If you or your client prints the report, the video will appear as a thumbnail representation.
  • You can now re-order media in a report.   Simply drag it into the place you want it to appear.   Dragging between sections and observations also works.
  • Sewer Scopes are now supported!  If you’re doing sewer scopes as a part of your business, or would like to, email us at support@getscribeware.com for more information.
  • The default ink color while editing an image has been changed from white to blue.

Bug fixes

  • We’ve vastly improved the photo editing process.   Cropping towards the edge of a picture should no longer show a black box, and editing a photo multiple times will keep updating the image shown in the report.
  • And many other minor bugs have been fixed.


Welcome to ScribeWare version 4!  

We’ve been around for a while, and working off a platform that was originally designed for a few people but has rapidly grown beyond that.   Version 4 was our chance to fundamentally shift the way you write reports, to make it faster, easier and of a higher quality than was ever possible.

We are continually focused on improving our platform.  Please, don’t hesitate to let us know if you run into issues or have an idea of some way we can serve you better.  Simply email us at support@getscribeware.com.